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RMPCL stands for R. M. Phosphates & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. We are a leading producer of micronutrients’ rich phosphatic fertilizers, fortified fertilizers, various ranges of mixer NPK, soil conditioners, the world’s finest range of water-soluble micronutrients, water-soluble Boron, biostimulants and biofertilizers.

Our manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest technologies, with fully automatic production systems to minimize manual errors. The installed capacity of RMPCL’s production at Dhule and Dewas is 3,00,000 MT per Year.

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Our products

As we produce and market our own products we are able to react flexibly to changing demands and market developments.

Our ‘Farmer First’ approach and consumer connect initiatives have helped in gaining the farmer’s trust and have established ‘RMPCL’ among the most trusted brands in the country.

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RM Phosphates & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.Making a difference

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RM Phosphates & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Safety & Environment

Safety is one of the most crucial attribute of RMPCL work culture. Safe work culture is always practiced. We also have a disaster management plan in place in case of exigencies.


RM Phosphates & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Innovation & Growth

The root of every successful product and project is a strong R&D base and its sound planning, innovative ideas and perfect project management.

RM Phosphates & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


We reckon our responsibility toward the environment for maintaining the ecological balance and strive to remain committed to maintaining a sustainable ecosystem.


We care about your agricultural growth

RMPCL involves in manufacturing multi micronutrients rich Phosphatic fertilizers, Single Super Phosphates, fortified fertilizers, various ranges of NPK, Soil conditioners and repacking of water-soluble fertilizers, water-soluble micronutrients, Boron, PGRs, Bio-stimulants and Organic fertilizers.

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